Below is a list of my favorite websites and gear. None of the people places or things listed below have requested or paid me to be listed.

*Gear links are through the Amazon Affiliate program and I receive a small percentage of any sales made through those links.


DIY Photography – This frequently updated site has news, reviews, and tutorials covering hardware, software, and DIY photo gear.

Fstoppers – A good site that covers up to date photography industry news and often has well-written editorials about photography related subjects.

PetaPixel – This blog has a selection of news, reviews, and a podcast covering the photography industry.

KEH – This hands down the best site for buying and selling both new and used gear.  I have bought the majority of my gear from them over the past few years.  Their grading system is very conservative. Anytime I have purchased used gear it has always been in better condition than their website described.


Fujifilm X-T20 – This camera is a recent addition to my gear bag. I love the looks, the feel, and the minuscule weight. It fits in my coat pocket, it responds just as fast as my Nikon and it is an all-around solid camera.

Fuji XF35mm f2 – This is my main lens for the X-T20. It’s the equivalent of a 50mm on a full frame camera and very closely matches the same field of view as my eyes.

Nikon D7000 – Up until very recently this was my go-to camera body for portraits and landscapes. It’s weather sealed and very durable.